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Acquaintance rape essay sample

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Acquaintance rape is also called ‘date rape’ or ‘hidden rape’. The main difference here is that the person is known to the victim. It can be the person they date, classmate, their spouse, family member, co-worker, employer etc. It is a serious issue that has been at the forefront recently.

One of the main reasons that motivates people to rape is the desire to harm, humiliate and dominate. Obviously, one should not be afraid to stand out as it will help others. What is more, the more people decide to speak up, the easier it will be to fight it. However, the majority is afraid which is completely understandable. What is more, some families blame the survivor even though it is not their fault in any way. Others are simply scared that the attacker is going to do it again.

No matter how hard it is, the best advice in such situations is to seek help. There are lots of available resources on the net. You do not even have to state your name or something of that kind. You can remain anonymous. Sometimes to the best way to start tackling that issue is to talk to someone. It will at least get your going somewhere. If you want to find out more about this issue, feel free to go to…